Question New Mobo + CPU not booting / freezing

Jul 20, 2019
Good Day,

since the 3rd gen announcement the AMD prices droped nicely so i bought myself a new x2600 + aorus b450m mobo.

I've clean installed Windows, updated the bios ( old CPU, new Mainboard ) tried every RAM slot and even bought a new ram stick to the those out (all sticks work with the new mb + old CPU ) .

I did install the Mobo + new CPU at the first try wihtout a bios update since the mobo is gen 2 ready. computer froze at the bios screen and bluescreened with the restart message on me. After i reinstalled my old CPU and updated the bios the setup lasted for max 5 minutes ( 50% windows recovery ) before it crashed.

What's weird for me is the debug led yesterday it did make the stop at "VGA" and the next morning at "RAM" but still did boot sometimes till it crashed. Now it switches back and forth between CPU and RAM.

The RAM, GPU and Mainboard should be fine since it's perfectly working with the old CPU.

I contacted the seller already but since it's weekend in germany, the internet is closed :)


Aorus b450m
ryzen 1600x -> 2600x
HKC 550 Watt PSU
BLS8G4D240FSC Ballistix 8gb RAM x2 ( " old " )
HX426C16FB2/8 ( "new")

Everything in the case but the keyboard,mouse and monitor lights up