Question New MoBo/CPU/RAM/GPU and can't connect to the Internet or install drivers


Aug 21, 2011
Hey everyone,

I bought a new MoBo (MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Plus) along with a new CPU (I5 9600k), RAM and GPU (Gigabyte 2070 Super) and installed everything today. I also have a legit Windows 10 Digital License and it indicates it is activated after I boot up with the new hardware. My PC is hooked up to the TV and connected to the Internet with a WiFi stick.

My issue is that I cannot get online or install the appropriate drivers! Whenever I try to install the LAN drivers that are on the DVD I got with the MoBo, the installation process gets stuck at 99%. I managed to download the most recent drivers from the MSI website and get them on to the PC via an external HDD but when I launch the Intel installation wizard, it tells me to wait for it to get ready and never allows me to click "Next". I am truly confounded by this.

Also, I have three USB ports on my MoBo and only one works (when I plug the 2.5 external HDD into the other two it powers up for a few seconds and then stops) and the frontal/PC Case USB ports also don't work since the new MoBo was installed.

I wasn't sure where to post this cry for help. I think there could be something wrong with the MoBo but everything boots up fine? I thought there may be a Windows issue since both the MSI and Intel installation wizards can't get the job done?




Can you please try Disabling Fast Startup and try re-installing the driver?

If the problem persists, please try Running the SFC /SCANNOW Command and see if it helps?

Also, can you please check if you can uninstall the driver completely, reboot Windows, let it install the generic driver and see if it works?

You can also try booting Windows in Safe Mode, going to the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder, deleting all its contents, booting Windows normally, and then trying to install the driver again.

If possible and if none of the above solutions works, please try doing a clean install and retry.

If the Motherboard is new and still under warranty, it would be good to get it replaced if the above solutions fail to work.