New mobo for future crossfire! AM3


Jan 17, 2012
I current have a 6950 and planning on crossfiring in the near future. Im buying some DDR3 1600 ram as well. Need a mobo that runs 2 16x pci slots for best performance. Id buy from newegg. Im going to get a new psu as well but not till I actually crossfire. I am getting a new mobo+ram in the next few days tho.

Current spec:
Phenom II x6 1090t Black Edition
4GB PC2 6400 800hz
Gigabyte 6950 1GB
Forgot what PSU I have but its a gaming 650/750w(will be getting a new one)

Price isnt a huge deal but dont want to really pay over 150 but will if necessary, wont spend over 250 for mobo/16gb ram.