New Mobo no start...o?


Oct 2, 2013
Hello there,

Just bought a new GA-970A-D3P gigabye mother board. Took out the old mother board, fit in the processor, connected all the terminals and still there is nothing.

Press the power button and the fans spin (even the ones who's power is coming from the mobo, meaning their plugged into the mobo not into a different molex connector) but nothing happens. CPU fan, all on board fans, and the power supply fans all spin but there is no start up screen, no power going to the monitor at all.

Theres also no lights on the mobo itself that light up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'll try to monitoring this pretty regularly to see if tom's awesome community can help me out.

Thank you for your time and knowledge,


Side note: Started messing around with different things to see if maybe it was a power supply issue, maybe the mobo is drawing more wattage than the other MSI mobo i had, so i took out the 6pin power to my radeon 6770, and for some reason the fan spins much faster on the graphics card without the 6pin than with it in.... no idea if that helps but just some additional information.

Could it be a power shortage from the supply? Didn't think the mobo would make that much of a difference seeing as ive never had problems with my supply before.

The new motherboard does have an 8pin connector where my old MSI board had a 4pin connector. I bought an adapter to change the 4pin into an 8 pin. Could that be where the problem stems? Not enough voltage on the rail?