Question New mobo: pc will not boot from old SSD.

Dec 31, 2020
For the past day I have been trying to get back on my pc I have changed so many combos of BIOs etc to get back into my system.

I got a new mobo, RAM, and CPU and all three are posting fine. I can get into bios fine but as soon as I get into the menu where I choose where to boot from the second I press something I get a black background/blue windows icon screen with no spinning wheel under. Am I meant to actually leave it at this point if there’s no spiny wheel? From what I’ve seen it usually takes you to the purple windows install/language screen but is there a chance that because m booting from an old it’s just going through but is showing no signs of loading...?

I also get loops where it just says ‘preparing automatic repair’ and nothing ever happens.

Am I actually meant to leave it when it gets to one of these blank screens with no turny wheel/preparing repair... or does it do indefinitely. In all honesty the most I’ve waited for these screens is half an hour because I know there isn’t usually any waiting at this point in the process.

When I try and boot through CSM/legacy I just get ‘reboot and select proper boot device’.

Is there a chance my OS crashed and I need a new one? I tried making a usb flash for a new install but because I have a Mac it’s really annoying to format and it just came up as a cut up windows icon on my screen when I booted the XFAT.

I’ve also ordered a new windows USB/license from Amazon so otherwise that’s my only hope.


Mar 16, 2013
I got a new mobo, RAM, and CPU
I also get loops where it just says ‘preparing automatic repair’ and nothing ever happens.
What you see is quite typical.

Full OS reinstall.

When changing motherboards and using the old drive+OS, there are 3 possible outcomes:
  1. It works just fine
  2. It fails completely
  3. It works, but you're chasing issues for weeks/months.
You've found #2.
It is not the license, but rather the actual OS install. They are not the same thing.