Question New Monitor and WFH desk setup!

Feb 29, 2020
Hi :)

Looking for some help on a couple of points; selecting a new monitor for gaming and a matching one for work, and working on a better setup for working from home...Finding it a bit of challenge doing this myself and don't want to make a costly mistake

At the moment of i have 2 24 inch panels, one very old IPS which is showing signs of age, and one newer sharper HP omen, just picked up second hand for low budget as i didn't have much funds at the time. They don't match at all, and it bugs the hell out of me in all honesty, different screen types, massive ages difference, design differences, bla bla. Now one is starting to break its time for me to look at what to do next.

So on to the monitors;

Gaming - i'd like an ultra wide setup to fully immerse myself in games, i tend to play RPGs mostly, some FPS games but not normally competitively so i can likely afford to lose a few ms response time for some gain in picture quality, features etc. c.32 inch seems about right but can go up or down to meet needs as the overall fit is more important, i currently use 2 x 24 inch screens but have them separate so game on one and browse the net on the other/discord/youtube. I do sit at my desk so any bigger doesn't seem to make much sense to me.

Additional monitor - this i would just like to be crisp and functional, it would be used for work which for me is nothing fancy just spreadsheets, documents, no graphic design or anything like that. The big ask here is that this monitor can sit by the side of the gaming screen and match in terms of height, screen type, design etc. I like the idea of having one big screen but part of me still likes being able to look up things online without minimizing screens. Perhaps the additional screen above the other makes more sense for that, unsure

Desk setup;

This is the bit I've found hard as i simply don't know the terminology for the arms or the hubs to find what i am looking for. What i would like to be able to do is;

- Move monitors around as needed, the large monitor will not be used during work time so the extra monitor will need to move forward, it can still remain at the side as i will have a laptop screen (laptop on a stand to raise the height). It will also need to revert back to being a side screen in non-working time.

- Easily switch from PC to laptop when i decide to work from home (HDMI port on laptop), at the moment i am having to use a spare mouse, spare keyboard, and then fiddle with cables when i want to work, I would like a setup where i can just use the current mouse/keyboard and simply plug in a couple of cables that are already available on the desk. at the moment it is just a faff.

Laptop has 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI
Desktop is relatively new build but is a small form factor which restricts length of gfx card, important bit: Geforce gtx 1050ti 1xVGA, 1xdisplayport 1x HDMI, latest drivers installed

My desk will be big enough for most setups 70 x 150 cm

The extra questions i haven't already answered;

1. What Is Your Country Of Origin? UK

4. What refresh rate do you want? (ex. 60 hz , 70 hz.) Just want it to look as good as possible without massively overloading my desktop, i know the gfx card isn't the strongest

5. How much are you looking to spend? up to £1,500 including monitor arms, cables, hub etc, preferably a little less

6. Brands Preferred (ex. Samsung, Acer, Asus, AOC, HP, Viewsonic, etc. ) No real brand preference, prefer sleeker more professional styles so likely against anything like alienware/ROG

help is welcomed :)

Also open for experts to persuade me to change setup in some way if that makes sense given my requirements


Monitor arms that are wallmountable and collapsible would be a likely option for your larger display(if you decide to go for a stacked effect with the monitor mounts. If your desk is capable of the weight and will not topple over, you could look at desk mounted arms.

Make and model of your chassis? Perhaps you could look at a mini version of a powerful GPU to get the oomph from the GPU to the displays.

On second thoughts, please pass on your specs like so: