Question New monitor, distinct flickering, unsure what to call it


Aug 5, 2015
Hey all,

I've just got a new monitor (Gigabyte G32QC), 31.5", curved, VA, 165hz, 1ms response time. It looks great, at a glance, but I'm encountering this flickering effect not only in games but with certain elements on the desktop. I don't think my phone's camera captures it very well, but I hope the effect is noticeable on the tapestry in the video. It looks like, when the camera angle moves, the tapestry there kind of flashes between dark and bright. This occurs for anything in the game with a very detailed pattern.
I'm aware of ghosting issues for this monitor, but I'm not extremely familiar with what that looks like and I'm not sure that this is the issue. I've also read about "brightness flickering" with freesync, but I've turned off both GSync and the monitor's own freesync. I've tried reducing the refresh rate, and still have the problem at 120hz but not at 60. I can't reproduce the problem at all with my second monitor at 144hz, and the last time I encountered it was with an old curved monitor I ended up getting rid of.

I confess I don't know too much about display problems. Is anyone familiar with this? I would love to avoid returning this monitor if at all possible.