New Monitor for my PC!

Velizar Prodanov

Apr 7, 2013
Hello first!
Display chust stop working last day and i need to change it!
I have NItro r9 380, i5 2500 non k, 8 gib ram. My monitor is 24 incha Acer s242hl (model is 5 years old). In home we use monitor for movies, internet and games like League of Legends. Doom, Tomp Rider and so on. looking at 27 - 32 inch's
Money - i can spend like 300 - 450 $
This is some example for monitors that i like!
AOC Q2778vqe
Samsung C32F391FWU
Acer XG270HU - 27 incha same price with samsung
OMEN by HP 32-inch QHD


Feb 6, 2009
Hi Velizar,

One of the monitors on your list is a 144Hz gaming screen, all the others are 60Hz (except for the OMEN 75hz). The 144Hz is the Acer XG270HU and coincidentally I happen to own one. I can say this with full confidence that this screen is amazing value for money. The screen is the sharpest screen I have seen in windows by far and I had other 1440p monitors before. I would definitely go for the Acer XG270HU from that list.

The only thing you must remember is that it is a 2560x1440 resolution screen. It is also 1ms and 144Hz. The resolution is on the high part and your might not get the 144FPS on this screen. This is not a big problem but you might have to change the screen to 1080p if some games are not fast enough on the R9 380. I would not buy a 60Hz anymore at this point and that screen will keep you going for a while and will match your graphics card the next time decide to upgade it. The other screens will hobble along at 60Hz and will always limit your experience of smoothness in games. My second choice would be the OMEN.

The acer also has Freesync which will reduce screen tearing on AMD cards. Something that I don't get on with my 1080 due to high frames.

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