Question New monitor keeps losing signal on first boot of the day?

Jan 19, 2020
Hi guys,
I basically re-branded my rig with new: Mobo +CPU + GPU + RAM + M.2 SSD + New case to bling out with some RGB. One of the upgrade was that I bought a new monitor to upgrade my main gaming monitor from 60hz to 144hz. Yes I know. The difference was mind-blowing!
But ever since then, every time I boot up, everything seems to be working fine and switches on (MOBO turns on) but the monitors are losing signal after it goes past the BIOS welcome screen. The monitor turns on just for the BIOS screen but when it comes to Windows login... both of my monitors are turning off with ‘No Signal’ message.
I would then force shut down my computer and restart it. And then everything turns on fine on the second boot. The system takes a minute or two to re-recognize my monitors and align them properly.
I have checked most everything from:
  • Replacing my power cable for both monitors. Even though the monitors are receiving power and I can see the light is on red
  • Replaced both Display cables from my monitor to my GPU
  • Removed and dust cleaned both my GPU and CPU because that came up as one of the possible solution on help forum
  • Made sure the CPU cooler is installed properly receiving power properly
I’m sort of lost for words as to whats causing this? Some people suggested to clean re-install Windows OS but I’m sort of leaving that as a last resort as it doesn’t seem to be the OS. Some kind of connection fault? Did anyone have similar problem after their rig upgrade?
I would appreciate some helpful insight 🙏