Question New monitors - colors washed out

Nov 22, 2019
Dear community,

Ive been looking for a new monitor for couple of years - I've tested many new LED models, from cheap (some BenQ, Philips, LG) to expensive ones (Eizo, Nec) to find a replacement for my 10 years old Samsung SyncMaster 2043NW (TN, CCFL backlight, D-Sub connection). And the main problem is all of these new monitors have way worse colors than old Samsung. Colors look completely washed out. The best example of this I see looking on Google search results - on Samsung display, website titles are blue, address is green and description is black. While on new monitors all these 3 colors are pretty similiar to each other, like theres no life in them. Another problem is - it doesnt matter if I test a cheap TN monitor or expensive IPS - theres no real difference in image/color quality between them. But I have no idea how to fix it. I used 2 different graphic cards (R9 270X and GTX 970), I reinstalled the drivers, monitors were tested using all possible cables: HDMI, DVI and DP - and nothing helped...

I also own an laptop Lenovo B70-80 (some cheap TN with LED backlight) and colors are very good there, same like in my old Samsung. So I find there must be something wrong with connection between GPU and monitor, so monitor cannot receive what it should so colors are horrible.

In short :
Old TN CCFL monitor and cheap TN LED laptop = very good colors.
New TN, IPS LED monitors = colors washed out.

Any help?