Question New Motherboard/CPU: Windows Display Settings Flickering &Audio Device Problems

Feb 27, 2019
Hi! I'm new to this site - this is my first time posting, and the reason why I'm here is because I feel like I've exhausted all other resources trying to figure out what is causing the problem I'm experiencing.

Recently, I upgraded a few pieces of hardware in my desktop - I purchased a new graphics card (RTX 2070), a new motherboard (ROG STRIX B360-I GAMING), and a new CPU (Intel i7-8700K). The installation of the 2070 was smooth and when I first installed I was still using my old motherboard.

I installed the motherboard just yesterday, and I had quite a bit of trouble during installation, mostly due to space limitations (the mobo I purchased was slightly larger than my last mobo, and I have a compact form build) and due to the fact that one of my sticks of RAM did not survive the transition, causing boot issues. I finally managed to troubleshoot and boot the PC on the new motherboard, but there are a couple of persistent issues that concern me and that I cannot figure out.

When I first booted, I noticed that none of my devices had drivers installed. Easy enough fix, I just had to download the Mobo drivers and install an Ethernet controller so I could download and install the rest. I also reset Windows and reinstalled to hopefully prevent any other compatibility issues with the new motherboard. I've also used the native "EZ Flash" tool to flash the Bios and make sure it is running the most up to date version.

However, since then, while nearly everything is working as intended, two problems exist:

1. The PC is only detecting audio input from certain microphones. My Yeti Snowball, which worked fine before the new mobo/cpu was installed, no longer detects any audio input. What is strange, is that the computer does detect the device when it is plugged in, it recognizes that it is a microphone, but there is no input detected when speaking into the mic. Even stranger is that the microphone embedded in my Logitech Webcam works fine. I tested USB ports, made sure drivers were up to date on both devices, and tried different settings, but I could not get it to work.

2. The display settings for Windows are showing an out of place visual bug, and I cannot edit them. I have a dual-monitor display, both 1080p 60Hz monitors, side by side, but in display settings, I can't move the monitors so they are correctly placed relative to one another, so the 'extended display' makes sense. Also, the Resolution, Orientation, and Multiple Displays settings drop down menus are constantly flickering, like they are refreshing, and when I click on these settings to adjust them, the menu opens, immediately closes, and it remains at the same setting. Mind you, it is specifically just those drop down menus that flicker, not the entire screen. So far, it also seems to be the only setting that is showing this issue. Similar to the first issue, the Nvidia Experience Display settings work fine, and I can adjust all of the above settings in that program and it applies normally to the screen. Through that, I've rearranged the display setup so my monitors are placed correctly, etc.

I've scoured the internet and I can't find any solutions that seem to solve either of these problems. 90% of what I have found so far suggests opening Device Manager and updating drivers/rolling back drivers/uninstalling and reinstalling the device/etc, and those solutions have not worked so far.

So my question is: can anyone explain what might be causing either or both of these two issues, and offer any suggestions on how to fix it?

For those of you still here, thanks for reading, and I would appreciate any assistance you can offer. I can also answer any questions you might have about the system specs or other settings.