Question New Motherboard --- EZ Debug light VGA for a while then boots fine ?

Jan 24, 2021
Hi everyone,

Rx 590
R5 2600
Win 10
(All drivers up to date)
MSI MAG B550 gaming plus (BIOS up to date)

For Christmas I got a new motherboard upgrade (going from a b450 gigabyte board that had some problems to a brand new MSI B550 gaming plus) I got some other upgrades like an m.2 and an AIO (just in case maybe these are part of the problem)

When I boot my PC the EZ debug light comes on for the vga and I receive a black screen for a good 45-60 seconds and then the boots right into windows no problem... this never happened on the old Motherboard.

I have tweaked the quick startup setting and the hibernation setting to no avail

Just to be clear the computer runs fine after that minute of startup but it’s kind of annoying waiting for over a minute for the computer to start up.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any thoughts?

Thanks for the help!