New Motherboard for W2785 eMachine; (yeh, yeh, I know...


May 2, 2007
For about 2 months it would hang and require a reboot. Last time I booted I smelled burning! I did a clean shutdown and bought a comparable SunPex ATX Power Supply, model ATX-450PS (250W). All outputs same as Bestec PS and all connectors identical, except 2 floppy power connectors instead of 1. It powers up and CPU fan goes as well.

It won't boot to POST at all, and no beeps when all adapters removed and I power it on. I have read many posts here and it appears the mb is toast! If I can get another mb cheap (used?) I may try to resurrect, but if I need a processor too, I may as well go new machine. Boards seem pretty cheap, but which mb to use. So I need a few things clarrified please...

Can anyone confirm that the eMachine Restore CDs will only restore to an emachine BIOS mb?

My emachine W2785, Athlon XP 2700, 2.16 GHz, has the letters "AM39L" on the mb. Can anyone tell me what type of mb this is and what I might replace it with? (Have seen references to Foxcomm 865GV7MV-S, P4M800P7MA-RS2.) I hope my Athlon XP 2700 is still good and would like to use a mb that will accept it.

Is there a way to test if CPU is still good? (Take to a professional?)

How hard and how many times should I bonk my forehead against the system unit case for buying an eMachine? :oops:

Lastly, if I put the 80GB bootable disk into another system and do a repair install from an XP Home Edition CD, will it install device drivers for new box and come up and be usable?

Appreciate any suggestions and pointers. Thanks.