Question New motherboard, new PSU, PC still not working

Mar 20, 2019

My PC was built last 2014 and last month it just stopped working. We figured out the problem was my PSU so I bought a new one. Then after a month, it just suddenly stopped working again one day even tho I turned it off properly the night before. We tested my PSU, we even brought it back to the store where I got it and it was working fine, so we figured it must be my motherboard. I bought a new motherboard, connected everything, and my PC is still not working. The PSU turns on for a few seconds then turns off then on again. The GPU lights up, the fans work, but there's no beeping at all and no monitor display. Could it be possible that it's my CPU that's broken afterall? Sorry English isn't my language but please help :( this is also my first time here so if I'm violating something I'm sorry ..