Question New Motherboard, no hdmi signal issue

Feb 22, 2020
Hi All!

I recently bought a new motherboard (gigabyte ga-q87m-mk lga) and am now unable to get a connection to any monitor. I don't have a PC case, but I am able to power up the motherboard and all my components are receiving power through the MOBO. I've made sure everything is plugged in, cleaned the RAM and ram slots, and tried different cables and monitors. The PC was working fine recently with another MOBO, so its hard to believe the problem is anywhere but the motherboard.

Any help or tips would be hugely appreciated!

i5 4690
Nvidia GTX 970
Corsair Vengance 4x2gb ram
MX F1 power supply 600v
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo cooler
WD 1TB black HDD
Corsair ForceLX 128gb SSD
Feb 19, 2020
You answered your own question, If it works fine on another board but not this one, it's a gigabyte.
If I had a dollar for every gigabyte board I've seen do exactly this, I'd be rich.
You could try to update the BIOS, because you're possibly missing some microcode, or the board is toast, but you'd need a supported chip to test either.
Since it's new, I'd advise RMA, and replace with a supported model, check the manufacturer page for your chip, specifically, and make sure it is supported by the default bios on the board, not through a bios patch.
The board you bought doesn't support the 4690 without a BIOS update as seen here. The board ships with the F2 firmware, and NOT F3. It's a common mistake.
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It's odd you complain about Gigabyte boards because I've been running them for a long time with no issues. Now if you change that to MSI I'd agree. But then again if you ask 10 professionals in a room a question about something you'll get 11 different answers. I know that and try my best to not bad mouth companies I disagree with.

It could be the bios issue. The 4690 was an updated chip that did need a newer bios to run. Perhaps the OP find someone with an older chip to update it for him. I'd double check the power and standoffs as well. Finally, I really doubt he found a real brand new board. It's probably a used one that might really be dead. Not because it's a gigabtye, but because they don't last forever. If he bought this from Ebay or the like he might want to try sending it back.