[SOLVED] New motherboard, reinstall Windows 10, but how?

Apr 10, 2021
Hi all,

Apologies I'm sure this type of thing gets asked often. However I did search and was unable to find the exact answer needed.

I've recently replaced the motherboard and booted up. No real issues, however my internet speeds have dropped massively. I've tried updating drivers, using a wifi dongle, but this still gives me lower speeds than normal. e.g from an actual download speed of 10mb/s to 1mb/s max.

I believe a reinstall of Windows 10 is good practice when switching motherboards so this is what I want to do, however I'm not sure which method is best. I was going to just use the windows reset feature and not keep any data, however I wasn't sure if this is sufficient or if there is a better method?

Not 'reset', this: