Question New motherboard

Mar 28, 2021
So few years ago i bought a HP Compaq 8200 Elite CMT PC in which i swapped the processor for an i7 2600 8gb of ram and a gtx 1650 later on. But in 2021 this isnt really that good in most games im playing and i do get some really annoying visible fps drops. I wanted to change my processor for like a ryzen 5 3200 but the motherboard that is in that pc (hawlett packard 1494) doesnt support any higher cpu or ram than i already have. I looked in all websites i could find to see if i could just swap another motherboard in without changing the case but i didnt find anything. Do you guys know any motherboards that could possibly work with this pc case?
It appears to be a standard ATX case/mobo, but I couldn't get any good shots of the back plate.

Even IF it is, my understanding is that HP uses proprietary connectors on the motherboard/case for certain aspects.
It would be worthwhile to go inside and take a look at the screw hole pattern and connectors such as to compare with the standards used on a modern ATX or mATX motherboard.

You will need a new compatible motherboard, CPU, and DDR4 RAM at the least.


Provided I correctly identified the current motherboard its Form Factor is ATX.

So a replacement motherboard with the same form factor would/should physically fit in the existing case.

However, details matter so take a close at how mounting screws etc. all match up.

A good way to do so is to compare motherboard User Guides/Manuals and to carefully peruse the physical installation itself.

Step by step.