New mouse and have some questions about dpi


Jan 26, 2012
hey everone i just upgraded to a razer deathadder and i like it but playing mw3 is sooo hard now. i used to play on a cheap small wireless mouse. i did great on it actualy. i wanted to get a new mouse for comfort and to try the enhacned precison. i notice that the mouse goes up to 3500 dpi. i read that for 1920x1080 screen 2500 dpi is the max that is acceptable. is this true? also, what is the relation between dpi and game sensitivity? i have my mouse at 2500 now and my windows speed is at 6/11. in game im constantly trying to find a sensitivity that works for me. is it a general practice that one should keep a high dpi and lower the game sensitivity? i feel that gives me more accuracy.

any feedback is appreciated :)
dpi is basically how sensitive the mouse is, the dpi the more sensitive the mouse is. Generally, for accuracy you want to have dpi set as high as possible and then lower the sensitivity in game to a comfortable level.

Things to note - you want to have windows settings on 6/11 and turn off enhanced precision.
go into control panel mouse and set the mouse sensitivity in windows to the middle of the range bar... turn off mouse smoothing/enhance mouse precision
then go into your mouse's own panel in taskbar and turn off acceleration.
set the x to 1800dpi and the y to 1200dpi is you can set them seperatly...
if you only have 1800 dpi then 2 sensitivity settings labeled 1-10 for x and y
then set x to 10 and y to 6
your mouse should then give a smooth diagonal line from top left or righ to bottom left or right.
it should also be very controllable...
mouse speed should be left at default in this panel...
later 1s you get used to it you can try to set it as close to the size of your screen as you can get either use 1600/900 or 1920/1080 if you can set it to that... if you cant 1600/900 is the better option as it will give you the same ratio as your screen and only require another half inch desk space.