Question New MSI/Ryzen 7 AMD Build w/CSM vs. UEFI Problems

Nov 15, 2020
New to the forum and I apologize if I've posted in the wrong section. Thanks in advance for any and all guidance/advice on completing what has been a nightmare of a build. I'm lost in the woods with completing my new build as I'm really just above "clueless" when it comes to CSM, UEFI, GPT, MSR, etc.

I made the plunge, moving from an Intel/Asus build (from 7 years ago) to AMD, using PCPartPicker for guidance. I've installed a MSI B550 Gaming Plus MB with a 3700X 3.6 GHz Eight-Core AM4 and 2X8gb Crucial 16GB Ballistix DDR4 3600 MHz UDIMM. The case is new as well, but according to PCPartPicker (and having double checked on NewEgg), I had hoped to keep my old dual-dvi graphics card (EvGA GeForce GT 630), SSD (boot drive - Samsung), HDD (WD Blue Caviar), and incorporate a new SSD (Samsung) with a fresh install of windows.

The MSI bios is insisting that I have to run it in CSM. That's leading two big problems for what I had hoped to accomplish:

This makes only one port recognizable on the card (the 2nd monitor, when hooked up, displays lime green with wavy lines). No matter how much I've tried, it won't let me use the onboard display port for the 2nd monitor. I've lost confidence in using PCPart or NewEgg. I need the graphics card to support two monitors with DVI outputs (although one of them could be HDMI). I don't game, but I do edit some simple video presentations and in these days of COVID, I do a great deal of Skype and Zoom as an online professor. I write quite a bit, MS Word and Scrivener, and I tend to use Chrome (which seems to be becoming quite a resource hog these days!). I'd like to get something that's relatively new and less than $150 if possible. Suggestions for a UEFI graphics card would be much appreciated (compatible with the MSI board and Ryzen 7 CPU).

2) CAN'T FORMAT/CREATE A NEW BOOT DRIVE - CSM VS. UEFI, GPT VS MSR and the rest of the alphabet
THIS is the larger problem. Once I have a UEFI GPU, I need to address my next concern (but again, I'm really lost here so I apologize if I'm plain out wrong). From what I can glean, the CSM system is keeping the MB from recognizing the new SSD as a viable drive and it won't format or install. Instead, it wiped out my HDD (which was set up to be drive #2 with the old boot SSD as drive #3) and reinstalled a partition on there. I don't want that. I want the new Samsung SSD to be my boot drive. I also want, upon purchasing a new graphics card that's UEFI, to be able to recognize my old SSD and HDD. It's fine if they have to be reformatted, everything is backed up. I honestly don't know the steps to make this work. I'm also concerned that by creating a MSR on the new SSD, that I'm minimizing the space needed in the future for upgrades with whatever Windows plans to do with its next variation of OS.

ETA: Here's the PCPartPicker list with relevant info as suggested below:

Much thanks and patience for any and all help.
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

It's best if you could list your parts. On another note, can you specify the parts that you recycled from the older build? If you buy any discrete GPU today, they are all UEFI VBIOS. Your specs seems to say you game but if you're a writer, you should've gone with an APU build.

Perhaps shoot us a PCPartPicker link to your build for relevance.
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