Question (New) need some help with rgb fans!

Apr 17, 2020
Hello, I’m on my first build. It’s been running great. A close friend of mine gave me some rgb case fans (UpHere). I have a x570 gaming edge WiFi MB and have been using my stock case fans and haven’t had a problem with the build I would just like to add some color. My sys fan headers are 4 pin but the new rgb fans have a 6 pin female. I really don’t want to mess anything up. I was just wondering if I could plug those onto the sys fan headers and not have any color customization.
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UpHere sells their fans with their own unusual 6-pin connector on the end of a single cable from each fan. These are designed to plug into a Controller box also sold by UpHere which powers AND controls BOTH the fan motors and the RGB lights in each fan. You use the remote control box supplied with it to make your settings.

The connector used by UpHere does NOT fit onto any standard fan or lighting header on any common mobo. IF you were able to find out exactly what each pin on the 6-pin UpHere connector does, you might be able to create your own adapter to connect those fans to mobo headers, and maybe not. But unless you have some experience making such modifications, I suggest your best option is to try to buy (IF you do not have it already) the UpHere controller and remote control box, and connect them as originally designed. Otherwise, skip those fans and get a more common type that DOES match with your mobo's abilities.

For lighted RGB fans, all the standard designs come with TWO separate cables from each fan. One is the motor power and control, and it plugs into a mobo fan header. The other is for the lights mounted in the fan frame, and there are two DIFFERENT types. One type's cable ends in a connector with FOUR holes that plugs into a mobo 4-pin header. That type, called just plain RGB, uses 12 VDC power and three Ground control lines. The other type has a connector with THREE holes (just like the 4-hole one, but with one hole blanked off) for a mobo 3-pin header. It is called Addressible RGB or ADDR RGB or ARGB and it uses 5 VDC power, Ground, and a single digital control line. You MUST buy the lighting type that matches the lighting header on your mobo. The NAME of the mobo lighting system (e.g., Mystic Light on MSI boards) does NOT tell you that info - it is solely a matter of 3- or 4-pin mobo lighting header. Now, it happens that OFTEN (not always), MSI mobos have headers for BOTH types, so you can use either type. Just CHECK your mobo to be sure what it has before you buy any RGB fan.