New network connectivity options


Nov 7, 2012
Hello, about 6 months ago I put together a nice gaming system, however I did not have the money then to add any wireless cards (and obviously it is for gaming so i don't want to do that), however I have my computer set up in a room with no coaxial connections, and it is very far away from my router (which cannot be moved), so over the last 6 months I have had an apple airport express plunged in via Ethernet to my sabertooth Z77 mobo, and then the airport express connected to my 5GHz wifi network. I was wonderimg weather getting a power line adapter would give me a signification or noticeable network performance boost. (oh and my router is an apple time casual 3rd gen)? thank you


Sep 29, 2012
If you are lucky. The power line device are sometime as flaky as wireless. Most the time they either work really good or they don't work at all. Its all going to depend what else is plugged into the same circuits. Mostly things with small motors are the worst, vacuum, hair dryer, power tools many times completely kill it.

Mostly the only advantage would be if your wireless is taking a lot of errors which causes high ping times due to retransmission. If you have clean signal then you are most likely limited by your internet so you can't go faster anyway.