Question New NVMe SSD issues

Apr 30, 2019
I just bought an HP ex900 120gb on newegg and when it arrived I ran crystaldiskmark and was pleased to see the speeds were as advertised. Soon after I started noticing issues after moving a couple of games to it. The main game I tested was Star Wars Battlefront II (EA) because the hard drive it previously ran on was causing noticible lag and long loading times. Upon loading a game and selecting a character my game along with my entire pc freezes and lags. After pressing alt-f4 to get out of the game i notice i cant create or delete folders within the ssd, i cant format it and I also got a "catastrophic failure" error trying to do so. Occasionally the ssd will do this and upon restarting it will not be recognized in the bios or in windows unless i shut down my pc for a few minutes. I can't check the temps because it is stuck at 54° in crystaldiskinfo and speccy also gives me nothing. I have no idea if it is a gpu issue or an overheating issue but im getting quite irritated because I can't find any solutions online and HP customer service is garbage. I've already submitted a return request on Newegg but has anyone else had this problem or know what could possibly be causing it? I have tried unplugging all other hard drives but my boot drive, changing bios settings, reseating it, updating my bios, running the game on lower settings and nothing is working.

Mobo: msi b350 Tomahawk
cpu: ryzen 1600 @3.75ghz
ram: 8gb ddr4 2400
gpu: evga gtx 1080
800w nzxt psu

storage- 120gb corsair sata ssd, x2 1tb hdd, 320gb hdd

thanks in advance