New, OC pain Ci7 920 Asus PT6, HELP!!!!



Hi and thanks in advance for any help.

Long time THG reader, new to forums. Built Core i7 system that won't overclock.


Win XP Black
GSKILL DDR1333 3X1 gig 7-7-7-18
Sapphire 4850X2 graphics
650 W Antec PS

To OC set:

CPU V 1.35V
DRAM bus 1.64V

OC to 152 MHz BCLK freq, hard lock, blank screen, took reset button to wake it up

Started looking for weak link.

Set core multiplier to 12, everything else the same. OC to 152 MHz, hard lock, reset button.

Set DRAM bus V to 1.5V and FSB DRAM to 2:10. BCLK clock to 150 MHz, ran great. BLCK to 152, HARD lock. RAM ran faster and at lower V, probably not the problem.

Next returned all V to stock and set BCLK to 150 MHz, ran great. At 152, hard lock.

Set CPU V to 1.00, ran at 150 MHz great. At 152 MHz hard lock. CPU V doesn't seem to be the problem.

Checked core temps at BCLK at 150 MHz, all cores were in the high 40's C. Not a heat problem.

Checked 4850X2 temps, high 40's C. Temp not a problem there either.

Tried OC'ing using ASUS TurboV and directly in BIOS, same results, at 152 MHz BCLK my rig hard locks and goes to blank screen.

I'm down to thinking I may have a bad MB.

Any thoughts other than keep my next post shorter?

Thanks very much for any advice.



Mar 22, 2009
i have i7 920 setting 1.2250 in bios,asus p6t non-del mb with all speed stepping off,turbo off and ht thred off. why you have your muliter at 12. i using 20x at 185 bclk.