New Omegas fix for some issues + Extras

Well while visiting <A HREF="" target="_new">OmegaCorner</A> I noticed that they have released and update for the Omegas based on the CAT 3.6s. They are 2.4.74a. So if you had install issues or want the freshest ones, 'Mmmm right outta da' oven!', then go get em. You may also notice the site looks a little diff. from last time (didn't think that was worth a post last week). Click on the RADEON link to go to the ATI page.

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And here I was about to go to bed, freakin one more post! :wink:

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May 6, 2003
maybe we can look forward to some new nvidia drivers too...from omegacorner's front page:

"Nvidia have recently contacted Driverheaven with a statement allowing Omegas drivers to continue development."

<A HREF="" target="_new">link to post w/ Nvidia's statement</A>