New os and drive, no new programs


Feb 9, 2012
hey guys

i have been going at this topic for quite a bit now. i am in a situation where i don't have enough money to buy all new parts and software. i recently upgraded my dell studio xps 7100 to the stats in the cpu-z validator below, but it is not fast enough for me. the only thing that i have not upgraded is the harddrive, motherboard, and cpu.

i would like to do crossfire, put the dell mobo only has one pci-e, so i would like to upgrade to a asus crosshair v, but i don't have the money for new software.

if i where to buy another copy of windows 7 and put it on a ocz agility, would all my programs and files still be accessible and working. or do i even need to get windows seven again. somebody said that i can do a install repair, but i don't have windows 7 disk, so will the recovery disk work? or can i just get a copy of windows and use that to repair my old windows?

I really need help. like i said, i am limited on money and i don't want to get in the situation where i have to keep buying to make it work

hope you can help


the validator does not contain info about your video card. what video card do you have?

How is it slow? in games, to boot? in photoshop?

buying a new HDD or reinstalling windows on ur existing HDD will require you to install your other programs as well. you will need the disks and keys for them.