New PC becoming unresponsive



About a week ago I built a new computer (specs listed below). After the first 2 days of it running, it ran perfectly fine. Though, after that I've been having little "freezes", where the current window becomes unresponsive, and soon everything around it, while showing a 'loading' mouse icon. This lasts for about 20-30 seconds, then everything I clicked on loads up, windows open, etc, and it goes back to normal. This happens regardless of what I'm doing; in a game, on the internet, or going through some folders, it still happens. Although it seems to really only happen when I do things repeatedly, like clicking on different internet links, many different folders, etc.It won't freeze when it sits still. I do think that ONE of these times, I heard a "dun nun" disconnecting noise, like when you unplug your mouse from the USB.

Currently, all of my drivers are updated. Also, I'm running on Win7 Ultimate x64, everything up to date.

My system specs:
-ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 Motherboard
-PNY 4x4GB RAM @ 1600
-i5 2500k (happens when OC'd, and not OC'd)
-Diamond 6770 (happens when OC'd and not OC'd)
-1000w Rosewill PSU
-OS on OCZ Agility 3 SSD, no HDD for storage at the moment, just the SSD

Cooling is fine, everything is running extremely cool. I've also scanned multiple times for viruses, found none.

Was thinking it was my original drivers that were installed from the CD that came with the motherboard, but they were updated and it still happens.

Could it possibly be my SSD? Should I update the firmware on it?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Thanks a ton. Yea, that was the problem. I'm not too knowledgeable with SSD's.

The only problem was since I installed OS with IDE, I had to look up how to change to AHCI without having the "windows failed to start" stuff. Funny enough, the answer I found was on Tom's Hardware as well =P

Thanks man, you're a life saver.

Yea, I was about to update the firmware until I realized.... It's already updated all of the way.... >.<