Question New pc build - Buzzing noise coming from mobo

Jan 19, 2022
Hi guys, So I recently replaced my motherboard, cpu and power supply and have done a fresh install of Windows. When I play any games I'm hearing what sounds like a high frequency whining noise which I think is coming from the mobo near where the cpu is. The noise changes as I click the mouse and do different things on screen. It's also apparent when I do a cpu bench test on the Intel tool. I don't think it's coil whine from the graphics card as I had no issues before with this card when it was in my old system.
Here's a video of the noise.

My set up is:-
MSI b560m
I5 11400f (power limits removed)
Corsair PSU (new)
Gtx 1070 (came out of old system that did not make this noise.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.