[SOLVED] New PC build failing to react to power

Feb 23, 2019
I've ordered some parts etc. and started putting a new build together which was attempting to test the fans before anything else was put in but found that there seems to be an issue with the power. I attempted the board I had bought but that failed so pulled out my already ready to go motherboard with all components hooked up and put it into the new case which nothing happened. ensured all wires were good still nothing. Lights did appear on the top of the case next to the RGB light changer but the PC refused to turn on. Took the already setup motherboard out and put it back into my current build and it fired up no issues. Tested the power supply and confirmed the fan turns on. Using the DIYPC Crystal-P3-RGB Black Dual USB3.0 as the case and believe it might be the cases fault as in bad power button connectors but wasn't sure.

Note: This is my first build :).