Question New PC build feedback

Aug 4, 2019
Looking for som efeedback on a build

So I am in the makings of getting a new PC for gaming and other fun stuff. I decided on a build that I think would match my needs and desires but since I am not at all well versed with the hardwares today Im uncertain if its a good build or not. What I am looking for from this forum is feedback of all sorts. i.e that part sucks combined with that one, this one is overkill, you can get the same juice cheeper with this part etc etc, anything that comes to mind.

So, I filled out the template, at the bottom, but I figure I would just post the spec I made sofar.

Thanks in advance!

spec (for 2 computers) :


May 30, 2018
Hey mate,
So. The first thing i would change is that 2 tb ssd. For tasks like gaming, a 250 to 500 gb ssd allong with a mechanical hdd sould do the trick for a little cheaper. That way you can store your multiplayer games such as CS or Rainbow on the ssd for faster, between match loading times while keeping all the story based games on the machanical, where load times are not much of an issue.

The second thing i would change is the cpu. If you have absolutely no interest in overclocking then id drop the K versions alltogeather and maybe even drop down a few tiers to a less powerful version. This would allow you to also drop the Z series motherboard as well. All the money saved from that can be put towards a more powerful gpu, allowing for a higher frame rate which would come in handy for that monitor. Im not saying drop down too much for the cpu, only just a little in order to save a little.

It all depends on what budget you have in mind. That cpu is overkill for the gpu anyways, so if that parts list does fit in your budget, than maybe change the cpu to a lower tier like I suggested. Also remeber, if you get a lesser cpu, that cooler will also be massively overkill as well for something like a non k series i5.

Hope this helped 👍