Question New PC build freezes randomly

May 21, 2019

About 3 months ago, I built my first PC - didn't encounter any problems, everything went really smooth. However, I've had this isue for about 3 weeks where my PC randomly decides to freeze. Sometimes it only freezes for some seconds then gets back on track, but other times I have to hard-reboot it by holding down the power button. When it freezes, my mouse usually still works but my keyboard doesn't and every command I've tried typing when it was frozen goes on at the same type when it unfreezes. I've tried methods like changing the power options, removing Windows defender and firewall but with no further luck. What I believed was the problem was that "System" and "Windows Modules Installer" both show "Very High Power Usage". so I tried disabling Modules installer, but that didn't seem to wrkr either. Also, I am now starting to believe it is my taskbar that causes this issue because it often freezes whenever I try searching something in the taskbar or using the windows button. I've tried restarting the windows explorer task, but no further luck.

This is really bothering me and I really look forward to get some help!
Thank you in advance!

OS: Windows 10
May 21, 2019
full system spec? include make and model of the psu
cpu/gpu temp? ram/hdd/sdd usage?
Thanks for the reply - here are my specs:

RAM - DDR4 2x8gb
GPU - Asus Gefore GTX 1060 6gb
CPU - AMD Ryzen 7 1700
PSU - System power 9 (I believe 500W)
Motherboard - Asus Prime B450-plus
Seagate 1tb HDD
Western Digital 240gb SSD

CPU Temp: 38°C
GPU Temp: 51°C
TMPIN0: 37°C
TMPIN1: 32°C
TMPIN2: 38 °C

HDD used space: 23%
SSD used space: 65%
Memory usage: 24%

I've gone into deadlock twice while typing and gathering the data for this post...