New pc build - hard drive issue?



Hi everyone,

I have just built a new system with the following:

Intel DH67CL motherboard
Intel i5 3550 CPU 3.3
Corsair XMS memory 8GB (2 x4GB DDR3 1333)
Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB SATA III
Did have a crap Hantol 550W psu in it but changed yesterday to Antec 750W Gamers psu.
Trying to install Windows 7

I am having constant locking up when I try to install any OS, Windows, Ubuntu, anything.
It boots, then at some stage over the next 5 or 10mins it will freeze and lock up, needing to power off and restart.

I had windows installed but it kept crashing whenever any device was accessed as I was trying to get motherboard drivers loaded (cd rom, usb key tried)

It has improved a bit with the new psu but it is still crashing all the time. Memtest was run and memory came back as having no errors.

I've reseated the cpu, have done the thermal paste again, tried different SATA cable for the hard drive and no luck.

Any idea what the problem might be? Am thinking it could be my hard drive?


When you say crashing do you mean blue screens, or Windows just freezing with no blue screen. Check the reliability monitor and event viewer to see if you can get any info on whats causing the crashing from those.

Typing either of those in the search bar in Win will pull them up.