Question New PC build has black screen and shuts off after about one minute ?

Nov 23, 2022
So I just built a new PC and when I turn it on I have black screens and the PC shuts off after about a minute. The are led lights on the board that flash between CPU and Ram before it shuts off. I hit the flash bios button and the PC turns on for about a few seconds and it just shuts off. I took the battery out and let it set for 20 mins and still the same thing. Also took the cpu back out and made sure nothing was bent or broke.

PC specs

Z690 Gaming x DDR4 mother board
Intel I5 13600KF
Samsung evo 970 m.2 ssd 2tb
WD black m.2 ssd 500
Corsair cooler
Nvidia 1070 Ti GPU
750 watt power supply