Question New PC Build (Help)

Jan 20, 2021
I got all of my parts together finally today to build my PC. It was a little wonky. I've be researching and watching videos and learning how to do it for years and I finally felt confident enough to try it. Well, it was a bit of a struggle. Things are different when you don't have step by step help. The manuals I got were very vague and only showed small pictures and little writing. Basically, I thought I was all ready to go and powered this PC on. All I got was the light on my motherboard. No sounds at all. I'm hoping there isn't any problems and I'm just connecting things wrong like an idiot. I waited almost 2 weeks for these parts and it was stressful because I was excited.

I tried to read the manual and move a few things around and I forgot to connect the power button. However, after that I just got a clicking sound and nothing else.