Question New PC Build Internet Connection Issues Has Me Stumped!

Oct 4, 2022
I have a brand new PC that I just built & I am having serious internet connection issues. I have never had these issues on a new build. I am using Windows 11 Home. I am pretty good with computers & have done pretty much everything I can think of to figure out why this is happening. When watching YouTube it keeps stopping & starting as well as dropping out of quality. Also, websites take forever to load. Especially sites with a lot of pictures like Amazon. But other pages load up instantly. And yet, it doesnt happen on WiFi. I went from my older PC having lightening fast internet to this new one lagging big time.

I checked my connection & tested speeds, which are all fine. internet speeds were prenominal. I did the usual reset of router, unplugging it & waited. I even reset it through command prompt. I checked all the drivers & everything is up to date. I also reinstalled the Ethernet driver. Even cleared the cache & cookies even though its a new PC. All of my temps are fantastic as well. You name it, I probably did it. Everything else is fast as hell. It makes no sense. I was thinking maybe reinstalling Windows? Or even Buying a new M.2 SSD & starting over fresh with a Windows install since the PC is so new. Does anyone have any suggestions?

My System:
Windows 11 Home
i7 11700K
EVGA XC3 Ultra RTX 3070
32GB of Kingston Fury Beast RAM
650 Watt EVGA Supernova P2 Power Supply
Gigabyte Aorus Z590 Pro Ax Motherboard
M.2 1Tb Samsung 980 Pro SSD
2TB Samsung 870 EVO SSD
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Some things to blindly try. Disable IPv6 support in the nic settings. Change the DNS to use or in the ipv4 nic settings. For now do not use encrypted DNS but in the long term you want to. Check that the browser setting to see if the DNS override options are being used.

I would then leave a constant ping run to say and see if you get any type of errors when you see the problem in other applications.

Rather than reinstall windows try to first boot a USB linux image that runs completely from the USB. Most gave browsers preinstalled and you can test the same sites, I am pretty sure you can watch youtube under linux browsers.

The only strange things about that computer is it has a 10g ethernet port. Should not cause issues but is something not common.