Question New pc build is having issues with restarting randomly under load despite it having all brand new components.

Dec 22, 2019
So the pc I built is having trouble with restarting randomly for no apparent reason. It definitely isn't a heat issue because the gpu temp is sitting around 30 degrees Celsius when idle and 50 degrees under load. The cpu is also pretty cool as well.
However when I ran a cpu benchmark it would automatically restart within the first few seconds. 10:53 EDIT: Tested the Intel extreme tuning utility benchmark again and its reliably causing a sudden restart. When testing it, I noticed that the system is only using 1 core, and that running the benchmark causes more cores to be utilized. Could this be related to the main issue?
The restart would also occur after a few hours of Warframe as well, but strangely enough doesn't really occur when playing late at night.
Few details about the specs:
Motherboard is a msi z930 gaming pro carbon
Cpu is a i9 9900k 8core
Gpu is a evga Nvidia rtx 2070
2 sticks of 16 gb ram corsair vengeance
Corsair cx 750 bronze psu
I also have a kraken x62 aio water cooling fan installed.

One important note: I'm checking the cpu Temps through the dragon center program provided by msi and not through the bios. And checking the gpu temps through msi afterburner.

ran it through some occt stress tests, and it held out for as long as a minute before I stopped it. Seriously not sure what the issue may be. If history repeats itself, the computer will have no problem for the rest of the night but it will have problems if used specifically in the morning. In particular at 10 or 11 in the morning.
Update: it turned off again at 9:54 pst. Something's seriously wrong here.
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