New PC build => is it sound?

Dec 25, 2018
Hi everyone,
I plan to make this system as a new PC. It is already topping my budget which was 900-1000.
I already have plenty of storage available so I don't need to get one now (maybe later but I have time).

CPU: intel core i5-9600K
CPU Cooler: Be Quiet pure rock slim
MoBo: Gigabyte - Z390 UD ATX
GPU: Radeon RX590 8Go
RAM: Corsair - Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200
PSU: SeaSonic - FOCUS Gold 750 W 80+ Gold

So, the plan is to buy a pc to be able to play the most recent games now and hopefully stay relevant on gaming for 5+ years. I play in 1080p and I don't care too much about playing in mid settings (I'm saying that because I know it's illusory to expect to run the latest games in 5 years).
I designed this way to be able to upgrade later for minimum cost: meaning maybe buying 2x16Gb RAM and upgrading the GPU in 2/3 years, while having a good experience in the meantime.
About RAM I know 32 is a bit high but I don't want to sell 2x8Gb and buy 4x16Gb when I upgrade as it's not cost efficient. And buying a single 16Gb stick is likely not great of a solution I suppose? [Let's add that I do a little bit of AI programming on the side, so the extra RAM will likely be put to use. I'm not building a pc for that though as it is an occasionnal hobby]

-> I couldn't find informations, but can I overclock the CPU with that motherboard? I suppose I can but just to be sure. I won't overclock at the start, I'll start going for it later when I will need more horsepower.
-> What about the GPU choice? I was initially going for the RX580 but I found this one for almost the same price, it's slightly better right?
-> I'm not buying a case as I have a spare one atm. I'll buy one if and only if I have problems with the one I have at home.
-> Do you see anything that seems weird/bad/ineficient about this build?

thanks in advance


May 23, 2018
-Yes you can overclock with that cpu/board combo
-(not sure about amd cards)
-the problem you may have with the case is the front panel connectors. If the case has only usb 2.0 for example. Not a dealbreaker but you'd have to use the rear usb for 3.0 speeds in that instance
-not sure about the "slim" cooler...are you in a small case that requires a slim cooler? You'll obviously get better results with a full sized cooler.
Dec 25, 2018
-> Thanks for bringing that case issue. I don't need a lot of usb ports usually so I'll start like that, but I'll have to buy a case then. That'll do at first.
-> Mmmmh, didn't check the differences in cooling power, i assumed they were quite similar (for no good reason). After a little research it appears the slim is significantly worse than the pure rock normal. Since My RAM is LPX (I assume it's low profile) I can likely go with the pure rock which is only 10 bucks higher. Thanks for pointing it out.