Question New pc build no graphic card hdmi not connected issue

Mar 17, 2019
So i have built my first PC and was pretty excited being a noob but it does not display picture

PC specs:
Amd ryzen 7 1700
Corsair 8gb 2600 ram (single stick)
Gigabyte a320 s2h
240gb SSD1tb hdd
500watt smps
Circle 819 cabinet

No GPU/ gfx card not even to test

I tried connecting with 2 different HDMI cables but no luck. I tried it on a laptop on the two TV that I have and the laptop works fine. I have an mi tv when the hdmi is disconnected I get an error "weak signal" when I connect the HDMI to the onboard socket on the motherboard I get a message "not connected"
I tried resetting the CMOS and it hasn't worked.
Tried cleaning the ram and no luck there as well. I did not receive the pc speaker so can't test that way. The pc starts up and both fans in the cabinet and also the CPU fan start up. Connected a keyboard to the usb port on the back and it works as well. Just no image on two different TV. Finally yes the TV is on the right mode and I have tried the ram on both slots in the mobo.

Please help.