[SOLVED] New PC Build Not Connecting to Internet

Dec 20, 2020
Hello All,

I just built a new PC and am having trouble connecting to the internet. I successfully installed Windows 10. When I unsuccessfully try to open Explorer and subsequently troubleshoot, I get the message "Windows could not find a driver for you network adapter".

Then, of course, I open the Devise Manager and find that all of my network adapters have the latest drivers...according to Windows. Message reads "Windows has determined that the best driver for this devise is already installed. There may be better drivers on Windows Update or the manufacturer's website."

In the Devise Manager, under Other Devises, there are exclamation points on all categories:
  1. Ethernet Controller
  2. PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller,
  3. PCI Devise,
  4. PCI Simple Communications Controller
  5. SM Bus Controller
For each of these items, Under Driver Status it states "The drivers for this devise are not installed. (Code 28). When trying to have Windows update the drivers, it cannot find drivers for the devise.

When looking at PCI Devise just for an example, under Properties > Details > Hardware Ids I get a list of four entries: PCI/VEN_8086.....etc. etc. I was looking at the hardware Ids to try and go online and download the driver to a USB stick from another computer. This would be 4 drivers for each of the 5 devises.

I think I am going about this the wrong way and there is an easier way to do this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Motherboard: ASRock Z490 Pro4
Modem/Router: Centurylink C3000Z

Thank you,


Yes, Everything is plugged in and I have reset the router and PC several times. All other devises in the house have a strong connection. ;)


Thanks for the reply punkncat. Could you be a little more descriptive please. Do you think this is a motherboard issue?
It's not an "issue" really, you just skipped a step of building your computer, getting the drivers for your hardware to work. Motherboard may have come with a disk including the drivers, or you can use another system and download them there to install on the computer you built. Windows has some built-in drivers it can use, but not all hardware is included in that list.