Question New PC build - not posting, no video

Dec 30, 2022
Working on a PC build for my son from the parts he got for Christmas. We can't seem to get it to post. Getting no video output and 5 beeps. We've tried the troubleshooting checklist but keep getting the same result.

The parts we are using are listed at

All of the parts are new except for the video card and power supply. I've tried two of the same video cards but get same result of five beeps. These cards were from an eth miner I shut down. I did build another pc for a kid last year with one of the same video cards so I think they are in good shape.
We've reseated the cpu a couple times, tried one stick of RAM in all slots, tried all the different video outputs with two different monitors, and cleared the CMOS but keep getting no video.

Anybody got any hints on where to go from here?