New pc build, red pc led and dram lights alternating every couple of seconds

May 22, 2018
I recently just built my first gaming pc and followed a step by step tutorial on youtube (and spent a good 70+ hours watching tutorials and getting info for the past month) and everything seemed to be good until i plugged it in to see the status led's on my mother board alternating from the cpu led to the dram led every couple seconds.

I checked the cpu for damaged/missing pins, tried the ram swapping for all the ports using just one of them, checked the connections of all wiring and also cooler for the cpu, took out the gpu and storage one at a time and checked, and also even started it up without any ram but the only thing that changed was that it kept the cpu light on solid and didnt switch to the dram led at all. I manually reset the cmos but still can not seem to get a signal or get rid of the led lights on the mobo. I can not get it to boot up or even see the bios and dont know if it is something i can fix or if i need to start sending parts back, pls help. :(

Motherboard:x470 aorus ultra gaming by gigabyte
Cpu: amd ryzen 2600
cpu cooler: master liquid 120 l rgb
Ram:2x 8gb ripjaws 5 series
Gpu: gigabyte 1060
Storage: 240 gb ssd from sandisk, and a 1tb hard drive from wd
Case: masterbox lite 5 rgb
Ps: 600 b 80+bronze by evga


Apr 26, 2018
Have you tried clearing the CMOS? There should be a two-pin header right above/next to your front panel headers. Touch the two pins together with a paperclip, a wire, or, even better, pin jumpers. This should clear out any extraneous processes your CPU might have encountered and put into a storage loop.