[SOLVED] new pc build + short on sys fan header

Aug 2, 2019
hey guys i'm going to build a new pc and these are specs i'm going with:

ryzen 7 2700x (not overclocking)
stock cooler (wraith prism)
msi rx 5700 mech oc 8gb
hyperx predator rgb 2 x 8gb 3200mhz
msi b450m pro-m2 mobo
nzxt h510i case
corsair tx650m v2 psu
kingston a2000 1tb ssd m.2

now i noticed the mobo only has 2 fan headers, 1 cpu fan and 1 system fan. i know the h510i has 2 case fans and the cooler 1 but has rgb on it. my question is, does the wraith prism just connect to cpu fan? and should i just get a fan splitter for my 2 case fans, i do want control on them but no need seperately so that's why the splitter. i don't want to connect them to my psu or get a fan hub. or should i just go with a whole other mobo instead? i do have the mobo at home new. so i don't know if it's worth it to buy a new one just for the fan issue. oh and, do you think it's a good pc build?

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Yes, the Wraith cooler connects to the CPU_FAN header, but it has other connections as well. The PWM four pin fan control and power connection is the only one that is mandatory though. There are plenty of online tutorials that cover these connections and the installation.

For the case fans, using a PWM splitter cable is fine, so long as they are four pin PWM fans. Otherwise you will want to get 3 pin DC style splitter cable. Be sure to change the fan type in the BIOS if your BIOS has the option for changing the fan header control between PWM and DC mode.