Question New PC build, Windows install problem.

Jul 11, 2020
I just finished a PC build and am having some problems. To my knowledge I have assembled everything correctly. I can get to post. I can get into the bios. I only start to get problems when I put in my windows installed usb drive and turn it on. When I turn it on artifacts show up on the screen. It goes to the blue windows logo with the spinning loading symbol. After about two seconds on the screen, everything shuts off and then starts back up. And the whole process repeats.

I've done all the basic trouble shooting.
I have tried resetting and flashing the bios
I've tried reseating the Ram.
I've tried a different usb windows installers

My important specs are
Ryzen 3600
MSI b450 gaming plus max
Be quiet straight power 600w PSU
If any of u have any tips to try or things to do it would be appreciated. Thanks