Question New PC build with 13900k - - - - RAM issue or not ?


Dec 11, 2014
Hi there,

PC Specs:
TUF GAMING Z790-PLUS WIFI DDR5 (with latest BIOS 0812)
Intel 13900k
RTX 3090
2 x KF556C40BBK2-64 (a total of 128 GB DDR5).
Corsair HX 1500i PSU,
Kingston KC3000 2TB SSD
2 x WD blue 2TB 7200rpm HDD,
CPU cooler Noctua NH-D15
Arctic MX6 thermal paste
Case: be quiet! Silent Base 800. .

First time I booted the system I took very long time to post BIOS. After that the system boots quick. Only boots slow when shutting down and unplugging the system. I managed to install windows 11 with all updates and run a AIDA64 stress test on CPU and it came out OK. In Cinebench23 multiprocessor temps did not exceed 88 degrees and got a 39000 score. When tried to run a Windows Memory Diagnostic got a blue screen. Rebooted and run Memtest86 and got 100 errors from first minute. I haven`t let it finish and skipped through the process and until end got around 600 errors.

Is it a RAM problem, motherboard problem, CPU or just BIOS update and/or settings?

I am new to this hardware. The last computer I have build was 7 years ago with 64 Kingston DDR4, Asus rog strix x99 and intel i7 5820k. And it worked flawlessly until today. It even has the original thermal paste from Arctic.
Please, please help!
Best regards,


Sounds normal to me if have memory training enabled (which is it on by default on most boards).

Latest intel/AMB boards have memory training and longer boot times.

First boot is always the worst.

I don't think you have a problem, enjoy your new computer!