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Mar 3, 2019
Hey, I'm planing to buy a new pc!
First of all i would like to say that I will buy used parts from aliexpress, and my local market. And some things new from stores
I live in Lithuania so there isn't much used amd Ryzen o intel 8+ gen deals going on. My budget is around 400 euro or 450 usd. I'm thinking of buying Ryzen 5 2600 from aliexpress for 88 euro or 99 usd. Ryzen 5 3600 costs in aliexpress 167 euros or 187 usd and that is a bit too expensive for my budget . For a gpu i'm thinking to buy RX 580 nitro+ 8gb used locally for 100 euro or 112 usd but my friend is offering me GTX 1060 6gb for the same price or less. Most of the rx 570 are 4gb and i can't find 8gb model reasonably priced. For the motherboard i am thinking to buy b450 or b350. a B450 boards are selling locally for around 80 euro or 90 usd and b350 are 55 euro or 62 usd. New b450 costs from 70 euro- to 165 euro. And there are non b350 new. So i'm thinking to buy used b350 . My storage will be 1tb samsung nvme ssd (I already know that I will have to look a motherboard that has m.2 support) and I already have the ssd in my laptop so I won't need to buy it. Last thing i will buy used is ram because its a bit cheaper second handed i will try to buy 2x8 gb sticks speed 3200 mhz for 60 euro or 68 usd or less. I think i will buy case, cpu cooler and psu new, a new Cooler Master hyper evo 212 is 28 euros or 32 usd. PSU will be hard because there isn't much good value cheap psu around but i have my eyes set on cooler master 500w 80+ psu that will cost me 43 euro or 48 usd. I haven't looked at the cases but i will be okay with almost anything. To sum up the spec of pc will be:

Ryzen 5 2600 88 euros
RX 580 8gb or GTX 1060 6gb 100 euro
B350 55 euros
16 gb ram 3200 mhz 60 euros
Hyper evo 212 28 euros
Cooler master 500w psu 43 euros

In total it is 374 euro or 420 usd ;)

At the end i would like to ask you should i get a rx 580 8gb or gtx 1060 6gb? And do you have any recommendations or ideas how i could make this pc better. Thank you a lot!!!

PS sorry for any grammar mistakes i tried my best you are welcome to correct me on anything!
The ryzen 2600 for under 100 is still a solid deal. But you will need a b450 board, b350 boards need a bios update to work with the ryzen 2600.

Since the psu is likely to be low quality, most cooler master units are garbage, I'd opt for the gtx 1060. It's a lower watt part so it wont strain the psu too much, the rx580 can consume well above 200 watts sometimes.

I believe the cooler master masterwatt 550w is relatively ok, dc to dc rather then group reg I've heard.