New pc builder help over 20gb used on new ssd?


Dec 8, 2012
Hi, I recently just built my first computer. I decided to use Win8

cpu: i5 3570k
MB: AsRock z77 extreme4
memory: g.skill 8gb ram
videocard: gtx670 ftw
storage: corsair force 120gb ssd
WD black 500gb
PSU: corsair hx750w
Case: CM storm scout

TLDR: 20GB used on new SSD? Everything works, do I still DL drivers or would the drivers cause conflict?

I had some troubles while putting together this computer. It would not power on. After trying many thing taking it apart and testing each part individually. I spent probably 20+ hrs figuring out what the problems was. I noticed that the AsRock MB is curved. When I screwed in the MB onto the mount it straightened it, so it could not power on. So I left the screws on the mount very lose, so it can keep it's natural curve. Would that cause a problem?

Once I finally got the system to power on, I install win8. I thought it was strange that my newly installed win8 already had sound and was able to use my wireless internet from the wireless card that I installed on my pc. I did not install any drivers. Does win8 already have all the drivers? Do I still need to DL all the drivers? or would it conflict with WIN8? Also I noticed that my SSd already used up 20+ gb already? What is going on? It's all so confusing to me.

Sorry for asking so many (wierd/stupid) questions, I am very new to building computers.

First of all, this is at the very least a double post. Secondly, there's going to be some space used for the installation of Windows - hapkido's guess is about right. Thirdly, drive manufacturers count a GB as 1000 MB, whereas a computer sees it as 1024 - that means that you lose out a little on what windows sees vs. what the packaging says.

As for drivers, YES, you still need to update them. Just like how you try to keep your video drivers up to date, you want to do the same with everything else. Windows comes with generic drivers that will let you still use things like a USB stick to install drivers from, but you should get the drivers specific to your parts - always.