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Question New PC Built: Cooling question regarding CPU

May 5, 2020
Hi guys. I'm new to the PC world. A newly converted person coming from the Mac universe my whole life. I built my PC using a Ryzen 5 3600 and ASrock B450M Pro with a stock cooler. While downloading Forza 4 with Microsoft Gamepass, my CPU temps seem to be around 38-50 according to NZXT Cam. I'm using the stock cooler. Is that normal? I have 4 cooling fans. I just don't know if I'd benefit from buying a different CPU cooler to lower those temps, as I want to preserve the life of my CPU.


Speaking purely in terms of thermals, you won't see a big swing in temps unless you go overkill on the cooler. It has to do with how Ryzen 3000 behaves.
The difference will instead show itself in the cpu's boost frequencies.

For example, with the stock cooler, the cpu boosts to 4.0ghz all core. Put a Dark Rock 4 on it, and it's boosting to 4.15ghz instead. Temps dropped like 3C.
Something like that.