Question New PC Built Reboot - Not loading BIOS

Nov 19, 2022
Hi folks, first message here.
As title said I just built a new PC, this are the specs:

  • i9 12900k
  • Gigabyte Aorus Elite ddr4 z690
  • Corsair 3200mgz 32gb(2x16) ram cl16 (is on the mobo compatibility list)
  • 1000w Corsair AX PSU
and those are the tests that I have done:
  • Updated bios to last version
  • Reseted cmos (several times)
  • Unplug all m2
  • Unplugs all hdd
  • Unplug ram sticks
  • Load only with cpu and aio water cooler
Always same result, no bios boot and after a minute it resets. Anyone knows what could happen? (Cpu and seam lights swap between each other)

the only thing that is left to test in my mind is unscrew the mobo from the case, if someone thinks on another test please write it.

thanks in advance