New PC case Lian LI PC-B70


Apr 28, 2009
Can any body tell me if there is a better or equal PC case for less money? Any help would be appreciated!
Four Full Tower Cases From $150 To $600 : Introduction

But at a more palatable price range from $150 to $200, we’re faced with three strong contenders. All of them prominently feature big fans and lots of circulation, but Cooler Master’s HAF 932 has to be our favorite for its strong design, easy installation and aggressive price.

The Antec Twelve Hundred is quite close, being an overall quieter case that requires a little more work to put together.

Thermaltake’s Spedo is close as well. We did have a little trouble with thin metal at the bottom of the case warping during shipping, which complicated power supply installation. However, the enclosure’s cable management and innovative side-panel fan were welcome differentiators in a market where it’s difficult to stand apart. More attractive right now would probably be the Spedo without the Advanced package, which is selling online for $139 after a $30 mail-in-rebate. Those significant savings drastically alter the case’s value versus some of the other offerings here.,2105-11.html