Question New PC constantly disconnects from wi-fi network

Apr 2, 2020

I've recently built myself a new Desktop PC. A few days after that, my PCIe wireless adapter arrived. I installed and as I started using it with my home WiFi I found that I was disconnecting from from my network every few minutes. After a loss of connection I would attempt to connect back, and after a minute and a couple of failed attempts ("Can't connect to network") I would get back on - only to be disconnected a bit later. The distance for the wi-fi is around 1 meter. The bluetooth capability of the adapter seems to be fine.

Network adapter:

The home wi-fi I connect to is provided by a powerline adapter :
This network is usually considerably slower than connecting directly to my router (200 Mbps --> 30Mbps), but for my other devices I don't have the problem of losing connections.
Connecting via ethernet cable (to this same powerline adapter) doesn't cause the disconnections.

What I've tried so far:

- Ensuring the adapter driver as well as Windows are up-to-date.

- In the adapter settings: disabled "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power" settings.

- Removed and re-placed the network adapter in a different slot PCIe slot. This seems to have improved things...slightly? But not sure and only from disconnecting every 2 minutes to every 10 minutes at best. Still unusable.

Because the entire desktop PC is newly constructed, it's difficult for me to say exactly what's at fault - the obvious candidate is the network adapter - and I'm considering returning it. But I'm guessing it could also be something about the operating system (Windows 10 Home, fully updated).

Let me know if you have any tips!

The one thing I haven't done but am considering is moving the machine to the living room to see if connecting directly to the router - without the powerline adapter - might work better. This might help with diagnostics but would still be a problem as I need the machine in the bedroom - and as I said other devices connect fine through the powerline adapter .