Aug 7, 2019
So I built my new PC on 1st of August 2019
CPU: I9 9900k
Cooler: Corsair H100i Platinum SE
MOBO: Z390 Prime-A
RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 2x16GB
GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2080 OC White
PSU: Corsair RM850x
Storage: 1tb m.2 970 plus, 1tb 860 evo, 4tb HDD
I also have: 6 ll120 Fans working with the included node pro, fan hub and separately bought commander pro.

So, its been almost a week now and ive spotted a few problems that worry me.

First one, is that my PC randomly freezes every few hours for 5-7 seconds and then returns to normal

Second is that my CPU cooler lightning is acting up (Im suscpecting a software issue, will explain later)

And the third was an unexpected Blue Screen

1. Lets start with the freezing which worries me the most.
I havent done much myself but I wanted to start with monitoring my PC though Im not sure how to go about that. What software should I use and how should I use it? The freezes appear randomly gaming or not, so I dont wanna stare at my screen for hours just to spot something, does any program offer some kind of after report system?

2. My cpu cooler has rgb lightning that has been acting weird since the first day.
On the first boot everything was normal.
Both my Corsair logo and the ring were on default and working perfectly (Also have a video of it)
But soon after (not sure if after i installed iCue)
The ring would start flickering and randomly chaning one of its corners to a random color.
I noticed that when I turn of my PC and drain the power and then turn it on again the lights work perfectly until it boots into windows and then does its weird thingy again, also at the same time the to ll120 fans that came with the cooler go from white to slightly yellowish white (if I change to any other color, that color is faded) Its easy to spot since I have 6 other ll120 fans that are on white. (I can later post some videos on this. I have the first boot and I can record the lights going from white to random, but the fans going from white to somewhat faded is hard for my phone to pick up though obvious IRL.)
FYI the cooler usb is rn plugged into my commander pro in case that might be important. (Havent tried to plug straight into the mobo yet)

3. The random bluescreen that occoured while I was gaming. I have a picture of the code if needed.
To my knowledge that is a faulty driver BSOD.
Some context: I am using a preinstalled node pro that I decided to plug into my commander pro along with my cooler. I updated all my corsair devices through iCue but the node pro didnt wanna update. ( it downloaded the drivers for it but then switched to my commander pro tab and said that its drivers were updated, which was weird) I decided to try and plug my node directly into my mobo.
The blue screen happened after that and when my PC restarted the iCue softwere was not detecting my node so I plugged it back to my commander pro and the blue screen did not happen again since then atleast not to my knowledge cuz i do leave my pc open all the time.
I mentioned the whole blue screen story in case it might have any relevance to the pump and or the freezes.

Any response will be appriciated. Thank you.